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Óscar Vilarroya, PhD MD

Óscar Vilarroya, PhD MD

Professor of Neuroscience
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

I hold an MD/PhD, and I am currently Research Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). I teach neuroscience at the UAB School of Medicine, in different postgraduate studies, as well as at the Eolia Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. I am also Director of the UAB Master’s Degree in Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience.

My research involves empirical studies in neuroimaging, but I am also interested in exploring how evolutionary thinking should shape cognitive-neuroscience theories and, in particular, some of its basic notions, such as experience and representation.

I have written about my neuroscientific interests in the books Somos lo que nos contamos (Ariel, 2019) and in The dissolution of mind (Rodopi, 2002). My passion, however, has been to link my research in neuroscience with the humanities, which has taken me to the world of fiction (Joc net, Pagès Editors 2004), theater (De botxins i gots d’aigua, Denes 2003), and opera (Casparo, Palau de la Música, Barcelona, 2011; Fausto, La Monnaie, Brussels 2018).

  • Theoretical Neurobiology
  • Narrative Cognition